Nag is a bicycle-powered studio.  It’s entirely built out of found and recycled objects.    Artists must pedal as they work, and the more power they require for their work, the harder they need to pedal. They power laptops, printers, wifi, lighting, a record player, a sound system, as well as anything else they require and have the stamina to run. Nag travels with all these things as a complete kit. Nag has been amoung other things, a DJ booth, a writing residency, a manhattan recording studio for The Clean, and of course, an art studio. It’s recycling taken to a risky level as well as exploring what can be done with the tiny amount of energy the human body can actually produce. Nag premiered in Wellington in 2009, and has been rebuilt and redesigned several times and toured the world across 39 installation seasons since then.


Nag 3
Nag 5
Nag 7